About Us

About Amidon Medical Group

Amidon Medical Group was created in 2007 by four physicians with a vision of becoming a multi-specialty physician group. With growth at a steady pace in 2008, Amidon Medical Group began their Long Term Care division by expanding services in nursing homes in the Oneida County area.

In 2009, Amidon Medical Group Dermatology division was developed and medical services in the Long Term Care Division for area nursing homes continued to expand. In addition to dermatology, Amidon Medical Group expanded to include Amidon Primary Care.

Amidon Medical Group continued to grow their Long Term Division until 2014 when they partnered with IPC Healthcare. At the time of the merger with IPC, Amidon Medical Group had grown to over twenty providers that provided medical services in 18 long term care facilities over five counties.

Amidon Primary Care and Amidon Dermatology continue providing exceptional services to a growing number of patients each year.